Student Life


While academics are stressed at A.R.S., athletics and extra-curricular activities are also fervently encouraged. Students come to understand the correlation between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Physical Education is offered in kindergarten and at every grade level until it becomes optional in grade 11.

There are also several extra-curricular athletic clubs which students can join to further their passion and skill for a particular sport:

• Basketball Girls (Sr / Jr)
• Basketball Boys (Sr / Jr)
• Volleyball Girls (Sr / Jr)
• Volleyball Boys (Sr / Jr)
• Soccer Girls (Sr / Jr)
• Soccer Boys (Sr / Jr)
• Badminton (Co-Ed)

Students have the opportunity to hone their skills and compete in the sport of their choice. Our school teams compete regularly in Intra-Mural and League Tournaments against other schools.

By virtue of becoming involved in sports, students take away the invaluable lessons of good sportsmanship which are essential to becoming a valued member of society: win without gloating, lose without complaining and treat your opponent with respect.

If you are interested in volunteering in any of these teams, please contact our Physical Education teacher, Alex Movel through the Main Office at 416-491-2675 x 2.