Experiential Learning

Cedar Ridge Kids’ Camp

Each year, students from Grades 7 to 9 attend Cedar Ridge Kids’ Camp in the fall, located just 30 minutes from Algonquin Park. Students participate in the overnight Leadership and Team Building program which is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and spirit that it takes to be a good leader.The camp experience allows students to explore the outdoor environment through hiking, canoeing and exploring.Trip planning, map and compass reading, fire building, cooking and campsite management are all taught as essential survival skills.In learning to rely on themselves and on each other, students form strong bonds at Cedar Ridge Camp, and leave with a lifetime of memories. For more information about Cedar Ridge Kids’ Camp please visit

Armenia March Break Excursion

The highlight of March Break is a Grade 10 two-week educational trip to Armenia. Students who participate will receive an invaluable educational experience about the history of Armenia.They will benefit from an inspiring itinerary which will take them from the museums of Yerevan, to historical sites and architectural monuments all over the country as well as to several important Churches, including the cornerstone of Armenian Christianity – the Mother See Holy Etchmiadzin Cathedral.Students also have the opportunity to meet their peers when they tour schools in Yerevan and the surrounding regions as well they attend enlightening lectures by historians and politicians.This trip serves to cement the relationship between the student and their homeland; to instill a sense of pride and to bring to life our rich and vibrant culture where students are able to actively participate in modern-day Armenia.