Dear A.R.S. Alumni

With each passing year our alumni network is becoming more valuable and accessible. Former students and graduates of A.R.S. represent a multitude of professions, companies, and organizations. I consistently hear from friends and colleagues that A.R.S. graduates are valued for their work ethic, patriotism and creativity.

The A.R.S. school community is very inclusive; our students, parents, staff, and alumni work tirelessly to expand and improve our facilities, and deliver education of the highest standards and quality.

By updating or adding your contact information to our Membership List, we will keep you informed of alumni initiatives, reunions and special events. Please click on this form to fill out an Alumni Profile.

Best wishes,
Alumni Committee

A.R.S. Alumni Association

Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, the Alumni Association is a non-profit organization that represents a wide network that consists of alumni, former students, parents, and friends of A.R.S.

Our mandate:
• Promote the achievements of our staff and students;
• Ensure student success by way of networking events with alumni;
• Organize social events where alumni can meet and re-connect.

I encourage you to stay in touch. To update your contact information, or to make suggestions as to how we can improve and expand our network, send an e-mail to In so doing, you will receive regular e-communications from the Association about upcoming events, fundraisers, and opportunities.

Also, to make a donation, click on the ‘Give to A.R.S.’ tab or click on the following link. Your generous donation will contribute to the building of new facilities, purchasing of resources, and to continue to offer our students a first class education.