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Literacy is vital to the success of our students here at school and in their daily lives. As such we impress upon our students that any and all reading is beneficial. Furthermore, we provide separate libraries with age appropriate material for Junior School students and Senior School students respectively.   From fiction, to non-fiction, to magazines, students have access to a wide variety of reading materials. Our libraries, however, are a constant work-in-progress and we are looking to continually expand our bookshelves.   Our libraries are currently accepting donations and the following are guidelines for donated books, as well as a list of the types of reading material that is needed.   Guidelines for donated books:
  • Please ensure that all donated books are in good condition – no tears, missing pages, scribbles or drawings on the print.
  • Please ensure the books have been published recently - 1990 and beyond.
  Books that are needed:
  • Non-Fiction books: Non-fiction books are about people, places and events. (for Grades 1-12)
  • Armenian Children's books: All stories are welcome, classic, translated etc.
  • Fiction books: Especially books that are part of a series. (for Grades 4-12)
  • Magazines – All magazines are welcome! Kids’ magazines including Owl, Chickadee and Chirp are particularly good.
Students also have access to the Book Club and Homework Club to help foster a love of reading and to help develop their reading skills even further.