The Curriculum

Roubina Nursery

The Roubina Nursery offers full time and part-time care.Our nursery teachers are known for their patient and nurturing dispositions which are of great comfort to children and parents as they go their separate ways in the mornings.

Language development is a priority in the nursery, where the program is entirely in Armenian. Children who speak little to no Armenian are given the opportunity to learn the language – and how quickly they learn! Children whose first language is Armenian expand their vocabulary and learn to express themselves more clearly.

Babayan Kindergarten

Through structured and self-directed play, children are prepared for the more structured classroom situations they will encounter in Junior Kindergarten (JK) and in Senior Kindergarten (SK.) They develop gross and fine motor skills, creativity and imagination, listening skills and a co-operative spirit. Motor skills are engaged in arts and crafts activities, while oral communication and memory retention are developed during organized circle time when stories are read, songs are sung and poetry is recited.

Music, dance and theatre are all encouraged early on, in particular when the entire school prepares for the annual Mother’s Day Concert where parents are able to sit back and watch in delight.Overall, children in Preschool are given the opportunity to develop positive self-esteem in a happy, relaxed atmosphere where they have fun while they learn.

Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum guidelines are followed from Kindergarten to Grade 12. In JK/ “Gogon” and in SK/”Dzaghig” classroom instruction is split in half between English and Armenian. Writing, reading, and mathematic skills are developed. In addition, French, science, gym, music and performing arts are weaved into the Kindergarten curriculum to enhance and enrich the learning experience.

Kololian Elementary

Grades 1 to 8 comprise our Elementary School.Grades 1 to 3 are housed 45 Hallcrown Place.Grades 4 to 8 are housed in 50 Hallcrown Place.

Teachers challenge students to be creative thinkers and skilled problem solvers. Students develop excellent research, study, and exam-writing skills – tools they will need to rely heavily upon in their senior years.
In addition, our Elementary school students have been participating in the Canadian Test of Basic Skills (CTBS) for many years and they consistently score above average both as individual students and as groups.

Lapoyan High School

Founded in 2001, our High School program from Grades 9 to 12 reflects a strong academic core of English, French, mathematics and science, alongside Armenian language, history and religion, all taught at the advanced level.A broad range of electives (non-compulsory credits) are also offered to enrich our students’ learning experience.For a list of compulsory and non-compulsory credits please refer to our High School Course Calendar and Diploma Requirements page.

French language studies

Canada is a bilingual country and as such A.R.S. stresses the importance of learning French early on.The French language is introduced to students in S.K. by teaching the French alphabet and basic words and phrases. French language classes continue daily throughout Grades 1 to 12. Upon graduation students are able to communicate in French fluently.