Student Financial Aid
The primary mandate of the Board of Trustees is to ensure that any Armenian student in need of financial assistance is given the opportunity to attend the A.R.S. Armenian Private School. In 2012, 80 students received financial assistance.

Academic Enrichment
Support for Academic Enrichment will enable us to provide modernized learning tools such as smart boards, computers, learning centres, laboratories and specialized guest speakers for our students.  Our goal is to achieve high academic standards from primary levels through high school as well as developing A.R.S. Day School’s future in becoming one of the top private schools in Toronto.

Endowment Fund
The Endowment Fund will enhance the school’s financial stability and provide for a lasting legacy allowing our school to remain a sought after place of learning for many years to come.

Capital Fund
The Capital Fund will ensure financial strength for future growth and expansion of the school. The upward trend of student enrolment will lead to new building projects and state of the art facilities.

Operations Budget

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